JWD: Eden Lake (2008)

Not exactly a b-flick I suppose, but it’s still a horror movie that fits good on our page.

‘Eden Lake’, i would place in my top list over really disturbing films that has made me feel uneasy while watching it_along side with for exemple Eric Stanze’s ‘Scrapbook’ (2000) and ‘I Spit On Your Corps-I Piss On Your Grave (2001) and exploitation movies like; ‘I Spit On Your Grave’ (1976), ‘Last House On The Left’ (1972) and ‘A Serbian Film’ (2010).

A couple in their late twenties/mid thirties-somewhere, travles to…guess where!? That’s right; Eden Lake_a beatiful lake site located somewhere in the dark creepy backwoods of some English small town or village. The Eden Lake area is seposed to be built over and it might be the last chance for ‘Jenny and Steve’ to experience the wonders of the place…well it kinda is their last chance anyway. At first everyting seems fine while they have the whole deserted place for them self and it is even a little to quite-which made me think of bears, im freaked out over bears when i venture in the wilderness here in Norway and at the cabin in Sweden…oh, wait; No bears in England, em i right?? But anyway, The couple’s romantic hollyday is soon interupted by the local teenagers from town, a gang of manerless repuslive brats with boiling anger in them-their upbrining must have been somthing to do with it. It starts out with the brawling teenagers making alot of noise, mistakingly let the agressive rottweiler droole and bark all over Jenny (twise) and making smart remarks on her. Yes, she’s quite a hottie; redhead, frecles, nice juggling breasts, the kind that makes you drool you know-and it all just escalates into terrible violence, terror and dispair. To me ‘Eden Lake’ gave of vibes from many other movies like; ‘The Hills Have Eyes’, and even ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ and also a bunch of exploitation movies like those i mentioned abowe, especially ‘I Spit On Your Grave’. But still_it is it’s own movie and with a very qenuine English feeling to it-like this is really happening and this town, with these people is a real place. But what is safer; hiding in the wilderness around Eden Lake or trying to find help back in town…If thy can get that far and are there any help to get??