JWD: Cyber Tracker (1994)

Just had to switch to the new ‘Arcade High’ album; Kingdom, just to get in the mood.

Oh yeah, this is a fucking b-movie and a fucking cool one! A kinda political charged b-movie that kinda reminded me of the presidential 2016 election, before president Trump was elected and that screams of illuminati-conspiracies.

In the future; judge/jury and exeutioners are loose in the public as cyborgs and giving suspects verdicts and punishment on the spot! The acting arent’ exactly eye weatning so to speak, but the editing, yes, especially the editing_really makes this never heard of-cyborg movie look really good plus it has a lot of hard boild action and cyborg appearance, in a really…uh, fuck_mind block, my main personal burden; short time memory.

But the most skilled and trusted lifegard of the senat, a newbie, turns martial art-skilled rebelious against the establishment (…which had a few good political statements if you ask me…but you didnt ask me..). This completely overlooked b-movie was shot a couple of years after T2, but still with an apparently hope of ripping off or at least taking recipe from the first Terminator movie. And you know what; it kinda works. Not as professional as the Terminator movies or the Robocop movies and not exactly the same story, but for us retro-geeks, wow__with the locations and ‘urban setting-suns’ and shit; this should appeal big time. You a drinker? Like having a few while watching your b-movies, like me; oh yeah, try this one out. Whole lot of fun to get drunk to. I liked lead actor Don ‘The Dragon’ Wilson, at least in this one-dont think i’v seen any of his other stuff, not yet anyway.