JWD: Alien 2: On Earth (1980)

So, the Italian unofficial ripp-off sequal to ‘Alien’.. Come on; if you are a fan of the ‘Alien’-franchise, then you probably have not seen this movie, i mean come on. Well, maybe_if you are like me and track down shitty trash movies, then you might, as i have done-ordered the blu-ray version from 88-Films.

It’s really one of those Italian thrash-movies that suffers a stoke from the start to the begning, it’s one of thoes really sucky ones, i mean like, yeah! I know that 88-Films did a great job transfering this never-heard-off shit-fest over to blu-ray format and im glad they did and im glad that i saw it. But, fuck dude, it really is one of those truly crappy Italian productions with out any, fuck out of beer, well…it could never have…uh, fuck, cant find the words, it’s just a real shit-fest. Stupid, unconvincing (was the word i was looking for), unbearable dubbing all the way, characters you can whish you’d care for but it will never happen, unconvincing effects with the helmet-lights and shit and just every thing that can, goes wrong…it’s just true crap. With that said. I did watch the extras and video-interview with ‘Alien-2′-fan; Eli Roth and he did give alot of views that i did respect and see, like the shaky camera-holding. But he didnt’ give away the horrible editing_maybe it didnt’ bother him and i respect that. Evereything is awkward with this movie, like all the sterio-settings and the country song sung by what must have been an Italian but who trying so hard to sound American. But Eli Roth was, like most of us euro-thrash fans, impressed by the boldness of trying to make a second Alien-film and beeing so either dont-give-a-fuck or just so incredibly disillusionised. But as Eli Roth said; the soundtrack is truly something and it’s composed by the De Angelis-brothers who did so much incredible Italian soundtracks douring the 70’s- including my favorit spaghetti western of all time; ‘Keoma’ (1976) and also one of my favorit Euro-crime flix; ‘Violent Proffessionals’ (1973). All right, im out man. …oh and they even put vigs on little kids in this movie, to try to make them look even younger or some shit_with really long hair on their arm and shit. They look alot more like ghouls…