Review: The Girl in Room 2A (1973)

Hallucinations or reality. The female neurosis is poppin’ up in shitloads of Italian movies throughout the 60’s and 70’s, this one is not an exception…

dvd“THE GIRL IN ROOM 2A” (La Casa dela Paura)

Director: William L Rose
Stars: Daniela Giordano, Raf Valone, Rosalba Neri
Distributor: Mondo Macabro
Runtime: 85 mins

“You will pay! In pain. In pain.”


When Margareth is let out after a short prison sentence she’s getting room 2A in a boarding house, owned by an old widow. She’s starting to hallucinate, feeling that a bunch of people is abusing her. She teams up with a guy who’s had her sister living in the same place before she allegedly committed suicide. Together they’re about to find out the shocking truth.


A little drugged out piece of an Italian thriller. It jumps away in a staccato kind of way. Dropping out of the main characters story to start another angle. Not with the greatest of luck. But there’s enough to keep you interested; Snake attacks, red-clad torturers and nude women. But this could have been a lot better. A mediocre attempt of whatever it’s trying to be… It’s worth noticing that a much longer version is out on youtube. Not quite sure if that would do the movie more good.