JWD: The Stuff (1985)

ILLUMINATI…NEW WORLD ORDER. The hints comes like thrown ‘The Stuff-pies’ in the face.

A new product called ‘The Stuff’ is the hot shit in every American house hold; it taste great_first as dessert, but soon it takes the place for every meal_it’s low calories and…Stuff. Everybody goes crazy for The Stuff, exept one boy who sees it moving in the fridge with his wierd eyes. Those eyes dude, they are fucking wierd, so is his older brother eyes and the dad’s. The all look like each other, which makes my wonder if the three actors are an actual family in real life. But a handsome kid never the less and likeable in character and interesting to follow as one of the main- dudes. But where does The Stuff come from and why are people suddenly acting strange and creepy. It becomes like and obssesion for the masses and an addiction stronger than any addiction ever witnessed before.

We also follow another dude; an FBI agent of some sort with a southern accsent, synical eyes and slimy appearance. He’s hard to like (…in the begining), cos’ he seems like a verry cold person who will step on everyone to get where he wants. A fighter really, who has taken the understanding that being nice wont’ get you anywhere and he dosnt’ give a shit. He’s never the less not under the infulence of The Stuff and after a while i learnd to dig the man, and he’s on the case so that’s good. ‘The Stuff’ is a nostalgic comical cheese-ride that screams of the 80’s, with lots of funny shit, but also alot of suspense and cool gory…or shall we say…’stuffy’ spessial-effects and a cool suitable soundtrack.

But behind all the cool Stuff are also heavy political undertones of critisism to the leading companies of the world and it’s consumers; us, the masses-it beeing Television, Coca-Cola, tobacco, fast food, alcohol, ect ect.. The message is still relevenat today and it made me think of what consumes us the most these days; a thing called sodial-media.