JWD: The Crazies (1973)

Skål, im out of beer any time now.

This kinda lesser known cult-classic, directed by zombie-splatter godfather George A. Romero, has alot of dialog and yelling and right now im listening to the neo-traditional crossover trash-band; ‘Municpal Waste’, and there i ran out of my wonderful beer, wish i bought more. I tried to be resonable to night, but now i have regrets. I was searching for the old school death metal band; Cancer, but i never find them on spotify. And i remember i had a ‘Municaple Waste’ cd several years ago, but i got rid of it; juuuust becouse Fenriz said in an interview ones that they where not a cool band (what is he naging about). HA! I was shuch a sheep, he was my law for so many years when i was younger, though i still look up to him alot and he will forever be my favorit metal-person. But guess what; i hear now that i like ‘Municaple Waste’ and their cartoon-ish crossover_trash with post apocalyptic and Tromatic vibes. You know what; im gonna go over on fucking facebook right now and give their page a like. How about that!

This smal American town get’s infected by a chemical germ that couses homicidal insanity among it’s population and it’s verry contaugues and has to get cleand up by the goverment (genocide) and the contamination lays in the water….or some shit..suddenly got a little unsure. We follow a certain group and other people with strong characters that are interesting and easy to care about and we get to witnesses alot of cool carnage with a high body-count, which is entertaining, but it also has a trust worty story and as always when it comes to Romero; heavy political undertones. A verry good 70’s horror flick, at least with beer.