JWD: Return of the Living Dead 2 (1988)

Listening to music while writing of course, Juggalo!!

These two guys looks really familiar and i cant’ really remember if they where the same guys from the first movie, and it’s all becouse of drunkeness. But this movie is freaking cool and it’s consider a classic in it’s self. I laughed and enjoyed myself and shit and the 80’s-kid is our main character and i loved the dude; a taking-charger you know. ABK’s the dopest!! And all the 80’s stuff is just so fucking badass you know; lot’s of zombies and shit and adorable synt and heavy-metal music. The scenery is a wet-dream for 80’s nostaligics or b movie-geeks likes yours truley. I loved all of the crap and i dont think i have that much more to say about it; listening to music and finnishing of my last beer. Lot’s of, or a couple of yummy 80’s babes that i would like to fuck right in those wet hairy pussies, you know. It was a cool movie and i did become a fan and shit. I mean i whould order a t-shirt from some web-store. I liked this one even more then first one. Which one is your favorite Return… movie!? The plot is the same as the first one.