JWD: Return of the Living Dead 3 (1993)

C’mon!! What are you all complaining about?? This is a great Return Of The Living Dead movie, in fact it migh turn out to by my favorit in the triliogi.

Besides being verry 1993 in it self, which is cool, i was appsolutely spellbound by the scenery and locations! It’s very well made. The editing, the cinematography and the cromatic colors of the film just sucked me right in, i was there dude! I’ve always hated romantic movies, no shit, like most guys, but this movie proved me wrong_i loved the story and i was actually moved by the young 90’s-couple we follow, they were believable, i felt it. And Julie-the redhead was fucking sexy and we see alot of her, made my mouth water, i want her bad! The zombies too and the gore are amazing, just total satisfaction and the comical approach are a little toned down, it’s some what darker, but it’s still a splatter comedi_a romantic cheesy dark zombie-splatter comedi. Directed by Brian Yuzna who did ‘Society’, ‘Bride Of The Re-Animator, ‘Beyond The Re-Animator’ and other shit like ‘The Dentist’ movies. Ended up loving this one!

Gotta go jerk off!