JWD: Return of the Living Dead (1985)

OK, So believe this or not; i have not had a drink in four weeks. And now im oh so not sober!

I am hoping right now to have my last drink of the evening, and that i will not touch any more tonight, i dont even have music playing in my dicksmelling ears. You could say that i have Returned to the beer with ‘Return Of The Living Dead’. Think im just gonna shuffleplay The Pouges on spotify. Yeah i’ll do that, see how it goes. You game!? Why does spotify always wanna play live-versions?? Fucking Illuminati!! Allright allright, im not gonna get there right now. ‘A Pair Of Brown Eyes’ just came on and i can only think of my main man Martin Hauge…even though i think he has blue. Allright allright, this much loved comical zombie-classic…well ok, i did recoqnize it…taped it in my early teens. Ok then, applaude all u can dude. I wasnt’ all that impressed. I mean it’s an ok movie, but didnt’ love it bro’s. Allright; rotten American zombies and stuff. Hey im just not in the mood really. Though i love American 80’s notalgia. Im just gonna say bitch!!

Sober Update: The movie is freaking badass, but i ended up getting really wasted while watching it and depressed as well really (i can turn into an angry depressed drunker ever so often)_though i gotta admit that when it comes to enjoying zombie-flicks, i love even more the Italian ones of the late 70’s to mid 80’s…true Thrash.. ‘Return Of The Living Dead’ should be a wet-dream for 80’s zombie movie fans, or at least 80’s horror-comedi fans and it’s no wonder really, why it’s shuch a popoular cult-classic with it’s atmospheric scenery and an over all impressing film-making and that hart warming, or shall we say, hart ripping 80’s-nostalgia. Exiting and funny all at the same time, comical and remembrable characters, steriotypes and some really badass cool-looking zombies. The plot; scientific fumes leeking into the graveyard and couses the dead to rise and feast. …’Not People; BRAINS’!