JWD: Horror House on Highway Five (1985)

Having a few beers left and listening to my spotify-list; ‘Country shit and styles I Love’, maybe i’ll post it on our facebook page one day, but remember to ‘shuffle play’ it.

So i’v just revisited this super obscure comical slasher shot-on-video-thingy and trying to find some drunken words on it (while singing along to my country-list_harder then you can imagine). But three student are seeking some kind og nazi-shit in some kinda small American town (Littletown), and im like why..?? We meet two brothers; the youngest are a little slow so to speak and the older brother experimenting with nazi-magic rites and looks kinda ugly… in a cool way. But the the main girl; i guess she’s in her early thirties, with brown curly hair and a short red white-dotted dress_she has a high sex-appeal. Man, remember lusting for her the first time i saw this rearly seen slasher and i lusted for her this time as also. Damn, i really really want her. It’s a dark comical thrash-slasher (more tharshy the you can imagine i suppose), with a darn cool soundtrack_which i red is a lot of strange surf-stuff recorded in the 60’s and it suits well with this gem. So, what more can i say then that i really enjoy this cheesy turd-obscurity. And if i was in ‘Horror House On Highway 5’; i whould probably avoid going near the whereabouts of the Nixon-masked nazi called Fredrick Bartholomew played by Ronal Reagan or some shit. Now if you’ll exuse me, there’s some drinking goining on here.