JWD: Head of the Family (1996)

Allright, you all know i have to tell you what im doing right now in my writing (drinking) moment, right? Im listening to ‘Lucky Tubb & The Modern Day Drifters’ and sippin’ some Pistonhead-FLAT TIRE_Dry Hooped Lager after watching a Full Moon feature.

We are in the south, we really are, i guess-becouse the accent sounds really genuine by everybody on screen.We find our self in this really smal town-i love that setting in American horror movies_those really smal towns you know_kinda like in Pet Semetery-2 and stuff (only that is far north). Well, the town is called Nob Hollow and we are watching a black horror_comedi in a typical Full Moon style. The head of the family is kind of a big brother in some kind of family, consisting of sort of fourtlings and he is the big brain in the bunch (literally). He has a brother who sees and hears goddamn well and another brother ,kinda slow one, which is strong as a bull and a tempting sexualy-charged sister. The head of the family uses his sibling as tools to kidnapp random people for ‘experiments and entertainment value’…who whouldnt’? The family (Stackpools), are unfortunate enough to stumble upon the slick minor crook, Lance (with fire in his pants_or something like that) and his (often naked) young and horny southern blond mistress (hot as fuck). Maybe there are some money in the house- Lance likes money and dosnt’ scare that easily. It has a whole lot of dialog in it…skip that stuff, makes me confused. It also has alot of atmosphere and smoke, dry ice perhaps-didnt see that many cigarettes. I had worked my self up with some verry high expentations for this Full Moon Feature_though i dident get that Full Moon_climax i was hoping for. But i did enjoy the ride and the ending made me laugh, bro’…Pretty girl!! Now, lets see if i manage to have another beer before me lovly girl drags me of to bed…to late, she’s here. Hope i get lucky!