JWD: Friday the 13th 6: Jason Lives (1986)

Allright; ‘Dance With The Dead’; at least no words to distract my writing; just 80’s horror-synt vibs. Damn, felling so good now, im soon out of beer, but i had myself another fagot-ass cool beer-movie night! I feel most alive when i drink beer and watching some shit from my b-movie collection, and listening to some dope music afterwards.. feel me?? Guess not.

Anyway, payed a revisit to ‘Jason Lives’, which i had forgotten alot about-though i remembered some shit and aspectes of it. I was warned in a review i resently read by a fan of this movie that ‘Jason Lives’ is a real slasher cheese-fest that kinda makes fun of it self, and i love that shit! And corect; it’s shuch an 80’s slasher party. It’s not summer right now, it’s fall and kinda chilling outside («and illin’- with their guts all over the siling»_ICP). And also this Friday The 13th movie is more or less autumn-themed as well. Jason is ressurected, magot infected, angrier and even more unbeatable then ever and we get to see him (behind the mask) a whole lot and he kills, kills and kills corny 80’s steriotypes and delivers a satisfying high bodycount; spreading arms and legs, blood and guts, mullets everywhere. The dead-like forest of Crystal Lakes has never looked grimmer and the camera work and lightings are great. We are spoiled with bodyparts and hockymasks in this one, but still i’ve heard that many fans of the franchise finds this, cult-classic in it’s self,-a hard skull fracture to swallow. What made me wanna revist it was when i read that it didnt’ take it self seriously and it had some laughable character_in a good way really… like a good spice..? Ok signing of. I’ll listen to some more ‘Dance With The Dead’ while finishing of the last beer, though i wish i’d bought some more beer so i could sit back, get wasted and listen to some good ol’ Johnny Paycheck as well.