JWD: Emanuelle Around the World (1977)

Emanuelle. You know; The nympho-reporter who always travles the world and always get’s her sweet little ass in life-threatening situations-who sleep around with everybody who gives her the good-eye; men AND women…even the bad guyes that she’s working against.

In this Joe D’amato flick Emanulle goes on a harry-trip to Svinesund with her 73 year old Norwegain husbond. HAHAHAHA, no, just fucking! She goes as the title says; around the world_under cover to do a case on human trafficking and sexual exploitation of hot young women. We see her in many locations, such as India and Italy and other places i’v forgotten about because of drunkeness, where she more then willingly participate in orgies and groupsex_pretending to be somebody else then she really is, by all means, it’s a part of the job of course (buisness or pleasue). At one point she is taken hostage by dirty cutthroats who wants to fuck and rearly-verry rearly, she does manage to dry out-when she dont wanna be taken against her will.

It’s a typical Emanuelle flick with all the ingrediences; 70’s-fashion, horrible dubbing (and acting for that matter), exotic locations, violence, exploitation, sleaz and sex and more sex. There is a fuck-scene in here with Laura Gemser (Emanuelle) and George Eastman who plays this Hindu-like sex-guru. It’s not too hardcore; like most sex scenes that includes Laura Gemser and George Eastman for that matter. But we do see alot of her (which is nothing new) and if you ask me, she’s never looked better, she looks so young and fresh in this movie-a real tease. But i’v always got even more horny on another actoress who appears in several of the Emanuelle movies; Monica Zanchi. She’s not in this movie though, but she always tickles my balls-to the point insanity it feels like. This dvd i have is the XXX-euro rated version and it’s verry hardcore and we see alot of real sexual action; like oral, vaginal and anal (breifly)…and a scene where a woman get’s raped by a dog and it looks fucking real…sickening! The soundtrack is alot of fun as well and it sounds like a really bad shot on trying to sound like the iconic pop-group Abba. And though it’s not the best Emanuelle movie that i’ve seen_it’s still a worth while b(eer)-movie on a friday or saturday night or what ever..