Review: Mean Frank and Crazy Tony (1973)

A hardcore mob-boss, his admirer, a horde of stupid French policemen and a driller-killer. Buckle your belts for an entertaining flick.

dvd“MEAN FRANK AND CRAZY TONY” (Dio, sei proprio un padreterno!)

Director: Michele Lupo
Stars: Lee Van Cleef, Tony Lo Bianco, Edwige Fenech
Distributor: Trashpalace
Runtime: 97 mins

“Frankie’s too smart, he’s got to be up to something, and that worries me…”


The American mob-boss Frankie Dio comes to Italy to settle an old debt, but things doesn’t turn out the way he thought. A new mob-family is ruling the city and wants to get rid of Frankie. Tony is a young wannabe who’ll do anything to meet his big hero and goes to jail to meet Frankie. He’s helping him to escape. This is the start of one hell of a chase through Italy and France. Can Frankie get his revenge before the cops get him?


A great and entertaining Euro-crime. Fast paced action-comedy with some nasty drill kills. There’s a scent of gunpowder and blood from the first scene to the last. Tough prison-scenes and crazy car/motorbike chases from Italy to France. The weird companionship of Frankie (Van Cleef) and Tony (Lo Bianco) works fine together. What a great prescence by Lee Van Cleef. Love that guy! A raw, bantering, funny, action-filled and sexy “Poliziotteschi”. Recommended!