JWD: Tombs of the Blind Dead (1971)

Ok my fans, impretty drubnk, lets see what we’ll get upout of this maotherfacka!! Ok, i write while drunk and im not your Cindarella.

Drinking my last beer of the evening and listening to some ‘Blaze Ya Dead Homie’, im a ging fang yo! But i,v started listening to him couple of years back…i was 31, so im not an old fan! I dont feel like wearing a nice dress tonight; im drunk. Why should i try to be better then i am, that stuff is so phony. I just hope that i finnish this review before i finish my beer, or i have to open another can, whish i shouldnt’ do tonight.

But, ‘Tombes Of The Blind Dead’, my, friend!? Spanish cult, yo! Damn gothic southern europan thrash-cult shit. You get a whole lot of atmosphere here, but also a big pile of dated, uh…stuff shit. Ehm…uh. What i am trying to say is that…uh..that..satanic templers comes back to life as blind cursed mummys and must suck fresh blood. And we follow this set of people. One of the girls gets difficult and decides to spend to the night at the templers ruins…verry wise… And the main girl , who appears to be a real maneater_is really a virgin and she’s like fuckin’ 40 or somthing?? This euro_trash is all about the atmospshere. verry recomendable and it’s the second time i see it!