JWD: The Town That Dreaded Sundown (1976)

A pretty darn good 70’s horror flick from the south, im a rebel flag-lover, Dixie all the way. Did u know the best American wiskey and music comes from the same part of the country; the south!?

Directed by Arkensas born Charles B. Pierce (the ‘Hitchcock of hick-flicks’ i call him) who directed one of my favorite movies; ‘Legend Of Boggy Creek’ (1972). It’s my second viewing of the dreaded sundown and what do I┬áthink of it? At least got beer in my system and feeling quite satisfied. A good and creepy horror gem set in a quite convinsing 1946-Texarkana and based on a true story. And Pierce himself is a darn good story teller and we hear him through out the movie-telling it with moody dedication.

All the tough no-bullshit sheriffs and deputies are all up to catch or rather kill the’ phantom-killer’-wearing a white hood, terrorising the town, killing and attacking a lot of young people. Many of them actually survived and the killer seems kinda sloppy to me-even though he’s categorized as highly intelligent. I’v read some other reviews of this flick that they complained about the inputs of comical-releases not working, but i disagree, i laughed greedy and hartly, almost in that ancient knee-slapping tradition. Charles B. Pierce also has role in this movie where he plays the new guy on the force_ a clomsy depudie and i find him pretty funny in it too. The soundtrack, actually the main-theme, suits perfectly and sounds really atmospheric and 70’s horror-ish. Jepper; gloomy, gritty, brutal and suspenseful. A very cool cult-classic.