JWD: The Prowler (1981)

What the fuck!! Why didnt’ i love this slasher the first time i saw it??

It has a good story, pretty good acting, damn awesome gore from Maestro Savini and that early 80’s American nostalgia that i’v always loved since i saw E.T for the first time back in 88 or 89, and i was just a little kid. And last but not least; that hot blond in a slike dress without a bra and thick nice hair down her shoulders; she’s soooooo yummy and i would really LOVE to do alot of dirty stuff with her. The characters are good, the killer_ fuck, i mean The Prowler is a fuckin’ slasher-badass as fuck! The music was fuckin’ nice, both the horror music and the prom-band…some kind of rock band. Do you’re self a favor; cool you’re beers and experience this AWeSOME slasher-cult classic!! And check out MC VAL on spotify!