JWD: Rape of the Vampire (1968)

eah, im fucking wasted, so what!!! Have i been single, i whould have cared less, but im a fucking familie dude, man. Listening to some KGP right now, but i guess i’ll switch over to ICP any time soon now. Damn, i’v drank a whole lot beer tonight.

Allright, been trying out Jean Rollins debute movie. I’v seen about ten of his movies, but it’s been at least three years ago since last time. Ok, it’s all in French and it’s alot of dialog…it gets hard for me. But ol’ Rollin is up with his vampire shit again and an awkwardly simple story. A lot of editing, confucing plot, cryptic moods and heavy erotic tones. Verry european. That’s what i have to say about it. I think i’ll even have a last beer, man. Yeah, im kind of an asshole, but my hot girlfriend for over twelve years loves me (!?).. Didnt love this Rollin gem, it was ok, but iv seen alot of other ones that was much better. I loved the cryptic atmosphere though. KGP-that’s true Horrorcore, fuckface!! Let him cum all over youre face, bitch fuck. NO-Love!