JWD: Lisa and the Devil (1973)

An extremely atmospheric and surreal Ā«castle-horror movieĀ» from legendary cult-director; Mario Bava.

Lisa is a tourist in spain who get’s lost from her crowd visting a haunting fortess with a huge painting of the devil on one of the walls. Suddenly the wind beats up the dust and it’s almost like Lisa gets blown away down the streets who suddenly turn empty; leaving Lisa totaly alone, ecsept for a few unhelpful dead silent people (spirits?) who wont even give her directions on which way to go and an ongoing mustacho guy who is accidentally pushed down some stone-stairs. She then finds this strange store with some dummies. Hey; it even has a dummy of the man who Lisa accidentally pushed down the stairs. The coustemer who is buying the dummy looks a little to much like the devil painted on the wall and we, the audience, knows this man as Telly Svalvas. Lisa finds herself strangely attracted but even more afraid of this man and again she hit’s the steets. She romes the fortess until dark, when she finally gets a ride with this strange couple and they’re driver. They’re antik car brakes down in front of this castle and they are invited to spend the night.

In this huge gloomy castel; lives a countess, her odd sharp dressed son and they’re butler; who is the devil-like man that Lisa encountered earlier. Coincidence!? And why is that creepy Mustachio guy from the stairs still haunting Lisa?

The locations, like the gigant castle, the cinematography (stunning camera-work), the moody soundtrack and the gloomy characters makes this flick; a breath-taking piece of surreal horror-art. And the German diva, Elke Sommer who portaites ‘Lisa’, looks yummy as fuck!