JWD: Django the Bastard (1969)

Shit, what a badass movie…tittle! That’s why i decided to revisit it again; so i could just add ‘Django The Bastard’ in our review section.

It’s my second viewing of this spaghetti and i guess the first time i saw it was back in 2008, 2009-ish, completly wasted though-there was a period in my life where i was almost constantly drunk (when i was not working of course), and watching tons of spaghetti westerns….darn good times.

Well, as i usually say; seen one spaghetti_you’ve seen em’ all. But it’s with out a doubt something you get hooked on you know_i must have seen at least 90 of them, if not more (and all of them with beer, think i’v only seen about two spaghettis completly sober). ‘Django The Bastard’ stars ‘Antony Steffen’, Italy’s answer to Clint Eastwood, as it says on the dvd cover from VCI-Entertainment and i can agree to that. I tend to idolise the dude alot when he plays his anti-hero parts (or at least i used to, when i had beer & spaghetti fever that lasted intensely from 2006 and up to ca 2010). But any way; what ‘The Strangers Gundown aka Django The Bastard) is know for, if anything, it is the gothic horror-like atmosphere, which makes this ‘cheap looking’ spaghetti really interesting and it gives of, at lest to me, some Mario Bava-vibes. Though it was directed by Sergio Garrone and didnt’ he direct at least two verry dirty naziploitation flicks? Yeah, i could google it, but let’s try to be a little old fashion here and just assume, shall we. The trasnfer on this cheap dated dvd is green-ish and pretty bad, but what the hell; not every realese has to be ‘Arrow-sharp’; it’s a fucking muldred up spaghetti western. The movie it’s self is pretty decent spaghetti-entertainment with a high and wicked body-count, a kinda unusual spaghetti-town_but i liked it, a pretty ok simple story to keep track of and a ‘stranger’ with lots of leathal triks up his sleeve that leaves plenty of dead thugs & and europan cowboys dead in the dust for our entertainmet satisfication. I found the soundtrack to be ok, but nothing more and when the cutthroats dosnt’ fall like flies, it’s pretty draggy, though i enjoyed the typical spaghetti-angling of the camera alot. We get a steriotypical bar woman, ‘owned’ by a couple of brothers; one of them a slick evil crook and the other a psychotic psychopath drug-addict (you can try these out to come out of it easily) and massmurderer and of course; we got to have the steriotypical undertaker.

A spaghetti with a gothic and gloomy approach and it’s a cool ride, though i still feel it lacks somthing. Antony Steffen is fast on the trigger and dark and creppy as a ghost, but he just becomes a little too much of himself and he overkills it with the use of the slowly looking up from the ground with the cowboyhat covering his face-motion.