JWD: Blood and Black Lace (1964)

Oh, yeah, gotta piss!! MARTIN HAUGE!!! IRISH ROVER!!! Gotta piss and drunk pretty much again..

Man, man, man, way to drunk and my girl will hate me tomorrow. Now im just like listening to random songs by the pouges (…one of me and Martin Hauge’s favorite bands).

Allright, this is with out a doubt one of the best giallo’s i’v ever seen and it’s so god damn fucking old-school. If thought Dario Argento was the shit, yeah yeah yeah, let your fucking gard down. He took it all from the true master; Mario Bava, man! And i bitch u not, Thousands are fucking sailing!! What are u drinking tonight?? Fucking shivering of beer tonight! I miss those drinking night with Martin Hauge-that’s what night’s are made of. Well, shit, let’s try to get down to the shit. A verry pleasurable Mario Bava_flick that i’v been wanting see for years actually. Bava is giving us pure pleasure with the lights and the colours; like the paintings of Van Gogh, man!! Really bohemen u know! A great plot as well, which my drunken adhd was getting gaps about, sort of. So happy christmas_i love u baby. Well, the acting is really wooden, but hello, it’s fucking 64, it was a different time, a different mentality. But it’s shuch a great movie…starring a b-movie dude i know from here and there; Cameron Mitchell. Damn, drinking again and not care about writing to much. I agree on Martins rate; 5,5/6…no no no wait, i’ll give it a full score and the killer is the most killer i’v ever seen in a giallo.