JWD: Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 (2000)

It’s scary how time fly’s…I’v heard it’s raining cats and dogs.. Just kidding..dry sentences, you know.

But i mean it; i remember me and my best bud saw this one in theaters when we were like 16-17 when it was released back in 2000. And how much ass we sucked, uh…i mean, how much ass we though it sucked. Anyway, we took our horror-viewing dead seriously and was disapointet big time, as we were verry impressed by the original cult-classic from 1999. So now i’v just had some refreshing beers (Hansa-Pilsner and some Pistonhead-Custom Lager) and revisited Blair Witch 2 for the first time in over one and half decade. And it weird how extreamly dated it has become allready, even though it feel’s like it was yesterday. We follow a group of young adults in their 20’s-somthing_led by a kinda not so trust-worthy badboy-ish handsome dude who makes his small income selling Blair Witch souvenirs online_that is making a documentary on what supposedly happend to the film-crew from the first movie and if the whole ting is real or fake or some kinda cover-up. The whole quality and the setting of Blair Witch 2 is all so awkwardly simple that it shouldnt’ fool any one and it dosnt’ really help with the painfully cheesy steriotypes…but the young ladies are never the less verry shaggable_though i didnt hate them or anything-like in many post-80’s horror movies with annoying spoiled youths that you just cant’ wait to see get hacked to pieces. I was a little confuced as well really; if this whole thing is just really unluckly cheesy or if it has a little of that comical parodic approach, kinda hard to tell. Ok, it’s cheesy allright and dated, but it still works as a horror-movie; it has scares, autumal and gloomy small-town atmosphere, cool scenery and even some satisfying gore…stabs and cuts. And the story itself isnt’ all that bad either, i liked the whole ‘cult-thing’. Moody soundtrack as well and im talking about the actuall score, not the bullshit ‘late 90’s/early 2000’s_So hipp-then American metal’ who is completely forgotten about now (Type O Negtaive was great though..) A nostalgic movie with some charm to it that represents the early 2000’s 0f horror.