Review: Tropic of Cancer (1972)

The setting in Haiti is just a perfect excuse for the Italians to throw in some shocking Mondo effects.

dvd“TROPIC OF CANCER” (Al Tropico del Cancro)

Director: Edoardo Mulargia & Giampaolo Lomi
Stars: Anthony Steffen, Anita Strindberg, Gabriele Tinti
Distributor: Camera Obscura
Runtime: 91 mins

“This religion is infiltrated by magicians and charlatans who practice black magic to make a pact with the evil spirits.”


Set in the hot summer of Haiti. Dr. Williams is a scientist who’s newly found serum has made a bunch of parties interested. The mysterious serum is one to kill for, and the bodies starts piling up. When an old friend and his sexy wife suddenly shows up on a vacation trip things heaten up further.


A crazy mixture of Giallo, Exploitation, Voodoo and Mondo. The plot is a bit blurry, but the entertainment value is high. The Gialli from this period often use a hallusinatory dream sequence, this one is among the best, visually and on the soundtrack site. Messy story but you’ll accept it and don’t get bored. Put on your sunscreen and your sunglasses, have an umbrella drink and enjoy “Tropic of Cancer”.


A beautiful DVD-release. The quality is very good. A nice booklet in both English/German and some fine extras including two featurettes.