Review: Samurai Cop (1991)

This flick is so fucking bad in all ways possible, but my God it’s entertaining. Seen it three times. It’s the ultimate beer and buddies b-movie.


Director: Amir Shervan
Stars: Mathew Karedas, Mark Frazer, Robert Z’Dar
Distributor: Cinema Epoch
Runtime: 96 mins

“I feel like someone’s stuck a big club up my ass. And it hurts. I gotta figure out a way to get it outta there.”


The Katana gang is taking over the cocaine business in Los Angeles underground. Using “code of silence” and killing off their enemies. Fortunatelly a cop that goes by the name of “Samurai” teams up with his police buddy, Frank, to take down the Japanese mafia. He’s speaking Japanese fluent and have been trained by “the Japanese masters”(whoever the fuck that is…).


This is one of those “So-bad-it’s-good movies”. It’s so over the top that you can’t help but rolling around screaming of laughter. The production is so bad in every single department you wonder why on earth the movie was released. Well, thank God it was. It’s entertaining all the way through. Stallone’s full-of-himself bodyguard has the lead role, a guy that can’t act, but is enjoying the hell out of his own speedo scenes. Half of his scenes he’s wearing a wig (because he cut his hair while shooting). They have thrown in some of the baddest henchmen in the history of film, and some nudity for good measure. The director is incompetent. The editor is doing a terrible job. The scriptwriter has to be a controlled monkey. What about the rest of the cast? It’s even worse, except for the dedicated guy who played the police captain.


And how do you rate this one? Well, it could be a B or a BBBBB for the fun time you’ll have. Whatever the rating, this has to be tried out.