Review: It (1990)

A piece of VHS nostalgia for lots of horror-fans. Here I am with my first viewing…


Director: Tommy Lee Wallace
Stars: Harry Anderson, Dennis Christopher, Richard Masur
Distributor: Warner Brothers
Runtime: 181 mins

“There’s something terribly wrong here in Derry, and you know it!”


A group of bullied kids gets haunted by their personal fear. They come together and form an alliance to fight the evil, personified by a vicious clown called “Pennywise”. “Pennywise” kill kids in the little town of Derry and take their souls. They think they fight off their monster but 30 years later he’s back to claim more victims. The group gathers for a second time.



Finally came to see this “classic”. The part 30 years ago when they where kids was definitely the best part. I like the young kids struggles and when their individually scares creeps upon them. Lots of good scenes there. But the premises of horror could have been much better, didn’t like the solution at all. Pennywise is great, but he originates from a stupid looking alien spider(???). What the fuck? Looks like a monster from a cheap 50’s horror. It could be a scary-ass-hell flick if the monster was just a clown, a freaking serial-killer or even a cursed fuckin’ ancient mummy-thing. But a spider with a lightning belly that took souls for…what purpose? I don’t know. There’s lots and lots of hugs and bonding between the friends to the point of awkwardness but the characterization is good. I’m not all negative here, I liked most of the film and had a good 180+ mins of entertainment and give it a decent B-score.