Review: Chasing the Muse (2014)

I thought a French approach to the Porn/Documentary genre would grace the industry…I was wrong!

dvd“CHASING THE MUSE” aka Transgression

Director: Jean-Francois Davy
Stars: Jean-Francois Davy, Kitty Kat, Agnes Varda
Distributor: Artsploitation Films
Runtime: 101 mins

“The Only Difference between pornography and eroticism is light!”

les Aiguilles Rouges 2006 Réal. : Jean-Francois Davy  Jean-François Davy Collection Christophel

The legendary(?) Porn/Erotic filmmaker Jean-Francois Davy turns the camera on himself in a dockumentary about his search through Eastern-Europe to find his leading lady for his next film.


This is a stupid and naive excuse to make an arty approach to the adult industry, and showing himself as something other than an dirty old man. He’s travelling through a landscape of young women with a poor future to exploit them and cast them (make them undress, fondle them and maybe fuck them) in his next “big” movie. It’s just an excuse for getting laid and find himself a girlfriend. He’s trying to show himself as an artist who do everything for his next project, trying to enlighten eroticism rather than porn. The premises is interesting, but the result is just hopeless and embarrassing. The documentary is crap, he’s a fucking hoax trying to legitimize himself. I ended up hating him, hating the film and hating the whole exploitation of these poor women who’s just looking for a brighter future. It’s bad in all ways possible. Fuck you Jean-Francois Davy, you’re nothing but a tragic, perverted old guy that’s not even a good porn-director. Do not waste your time on this turd of a movie.