JWD: Wedding Day (2012)

So, hey…my millions of readers! Im back (arent’ you gyes tired of me always being back)??

So, im kinda drunk agian, dirty, overworked, sexualy frustraited, and living in my movie room-being the rebel badass that i really am deep down and actully smelling like a gingerbeard man at this point_when i should really be in bed with my pretty lady and being a family man. Well, but dude; that’s really not a problem-i always get up anyways and being the dad im supposed to be. They love me and we’re doing pretty fine really. And why do i verry often come with all this unnecessary fun facts before i start a ‘review’? Well, it’s my way to try to set you gyes into what kind of mindset iv’e been in, while watching some shit.

I didnt’ expect much when i put this blu-ray on. And i didnt’ get it either. I really respect the film-makers, cos’ if you watch the whole thing, you’ll see a very, very nice thanks to all the young men who has risked their’ lifes and those who has been killed, serving thire’ country AND our well being. The movie makers are passionate, but the result is not very giving im afraid. Like i could do it better, right.. .I’ll think i’ll open my last beer, Yeah, i’ll do that. But, several people are getting married and are being mixed up in this really twisted confusing story and it’s all verry Asylum-ish and the characters has really no glow at all and they reminded me of those uninteresting porcelain dolls that every aunt has in her house. The first half was very draggy and a kinda torture to sit through-but as the movie was closing in on it’s running time and shit was starting to happen, it got a little more exiting. A lot of hot women is in this shit and the naging bride one, cant’ remember her name, but she was a fucking hottie-liked her a whole fucking lot. And there was also an unmarried couple there, the dude is all on crack and he’s the boyfriend of one of the bridemaids; those two kinda looked like a couple i know and shit dosnt’ turn out good, man. That shit was scary. The climax was the best part of the movie and actually pretty sad (…and confusing). My honest opinion; not a very good movie, but whould i watch their next one? Hell yes! It really got me curious on what they’ll put togheter next. C. Thomas Howell was the only actor i knew in this flick (i reconized the preacher as well) and i like the dude (Howell), but he was hardly in it anyway.