JWD: The Ouija Experiment (2011)

Fuck; it’s from 2011, and me who thought it’s was some kinda mockbuster to some new-ish mainstream movie. It’s one of those i.t.n-distribution movies you know; really cheap looking and kinda in the same style as Asylum.

But ok, some guy with a camera and a youtube-following drives a female friend to some house in Houston Texas where some friends of hers are doing an Ouija Experiment. He talks the camera-shy house-owner to film some stuff and almost instant the quija board works as fuck! So here i am 00.30 in the morning, still drinkng beer and listening to Scum; ‘The Gore Father’ and trying to find somthing wise to say (or should we say entertaining to say). Ah shit, how do put this shit to words? It’s a half and half chesse/creeper you know. I was sitting through the first part in a kinda tourture, it was so bad, man-with a really annoying jealousy drama that made me wanna kick my falt-screen in. I Just switched to Isolaited- Beingz, by the way; horrorcore! But then all of a sudden all this really creepy shit was starting to happen; a lot of scary jumps and creepy moods that actully gave me some goosefleash, but it’s still wrapped up in thick layers of cheese. Though towards the end we get the background story; and it was really really hart breaking-i got tears im eyes. Ultra-low budget cheese and i didnt think much of it all in the begining, but later it turned out to be actully worth while. And it dont have to be a huge extravagant (uninteresting) blockbuster with Liam Neeson or Angelina Jolie. I can be The Ouija Experiment.