JWD: Six Reasons Why (2008)

Another bottle of that delicious Grans-Premium beer and random Insane Clown Posse songs on spotity from a fucking crappy headset. Getting drunk now-guess we’re ready for another drunk-review.

My second beer soaked re-visit to this ‘weird-western’_an actuall sub-genre…sort of. My first spin of this disc was several years ago, i guess like 2008, 2009. We are in a spaghetti western themed_post-apocalyptic dead and kinda boring world. You know; living out in the wastlands (The Badlands), having (almost) nothing to eat or drink and no one to talk to, except a lame old horse. Four dudes; the main dude_a Bentson-look-alike from Once Upon A Time In The West (Bentson, Bentson; who the fuck is called Bentson in Once Upon A Time In The West), a black dude who is out for vengeance for the death of his pa, his sidekick_an apparently gentleman cowboy and the Mexican gringo (with out a spanish accsent) all get mixed up in this synical unfortunate cross-fire and back stabbing. ‘So i take pleasures to the details’; no im not quoting ‘Reallity Bites’, i mean; IN YO FACE-EXULSIVE FOT U!! Nha, fuck it, need another beer-got a problem, dude?? Ok, brushing of the bitch; Pretty badass shit! Cool spaghetti-cliches with that verry cheap ‘lokal’ feeling and with obvious, shit i guess im just out man. The blood alcohol level and my adhd is getting the best of me. Ah, what is obvious is the Stephen King’s ‘Dark Tower’ infulences. The camera-work and editing is hardcore spaghetti-ish and what made it for me was the pistol-wipping scene, extremly violent and awesome, giving it another half a glass of beer just for that one! Get Clowned! Wish i didnt drink so fast; beers goes down like The Titanic, cant’ slow it down my man. At least i im not big fan of hard-liquor.