JWD: Scrapbook (2000)

Cranking some Richard Gein; the left out black sheap of horrorcore, slurping some beers and getting ready to give ya’ a ‘drunk-review’.

First of i just gotta say…Love beer!! Tonight i’v seen the sickest movie that i’ve ever seen in my life! No shit, it’s the sickest-ass movies i’ve ever seen, an extreamly disturbing film that i whould place second or first on most disturbing movies that i’v seen. We follow this sick fuck who has killed many many people. A left-out sicko, young dude, who has been sexual abused by his family-even his sister and brother. Now he lives alone in a dirty pigsty of a decaying farm-house with garabage everywhere, empty booze bottles, beer cans and old blood from victims smeared up and down on the the doors and walls..Verry Horrorcore!! It’s the forth movie i’v seen from micro-budget director; Eric Stanze and he uses that same actress again, guess she’s some kinda Stanze-diva. Dont’ get me wrong; she’s great at what she do, being abused and raped and shit. She’s actually a good actoress and she dives into the abysse of dapravety, humilliation, agony, claustrofobia and fucking vengeance-lust. And the killer is this loser who has really lost it…shit gotta go piss again………………………………….Allright back, having my last beer and still cranking the Geinster…Bitch!! Well, our main character is fucked up with a big F and the gye who playes him is really convincing, you really feel the looser-factor and he’s just fucked, damaged-lost in alcoholism and insanity. What makes this an even more disturbing experince is the micro low-budget filmaking, which really gives it a real snuff-feel-it really has that American serial killer feel to it. Ok, a great horror-film and i loved the ‘bodies-barn’. Now im out of beer, so there is no more reasons for me to stay up. Until next time; stay safe.