JWD: Ricco the Mean Machine (1973)

Just payed a re-visit to this seldom talked about euro-crime flick with a bad hairday.

Ricco, played by the oh so uncharismatic actor; Christopher Mitchum… goes down a bloody road of vengeance on the scumbags who killed his father after being let out of prison_a pleading from his dear mother. This obscure euro-crime flick is known for it’s extremly violent and gory content. That’s pretty cool, right? But it’s also extremly thrasy and not in a verry good way i must say. Weeeeel, i cant’ really make up my mind really. Ricco snakes himself through the thugs network and gangsterlords to find his fathers killer and at the same time tryes to get his old girlfriend back who has become the new mistress of the mightiest gangster in the district, the bell of the ball. But how many friends and family members will step in the cross fire for the vengeance of one old man. Yes it’s (kinda) gory and yeah it has plenty of action, ultra-violence and steriotypical Italian tugs dressed in tuxedos with mustaches and sunglasses…and hot horny girls. But still, dude, it’s pretty crappy, much to do with the unconvincining main character who is susposed to be this true ladiesman. And the haircut, dude! His hair is not that badass looking at all, as it might have been expected by the directer, hairdresser, plumber or the actor him self. It just waves from side to side, along with his slow karate-tricks like some awkward steriotypical sidekick. But if we’re not to snobbish about this whole deal; it might just entertain you-alongside with a six pack of beer.