JWD: Quiet Earth (1985)

SOOOOO HO’S!! YOU DRUNK? I just gonna pot spotify on and pop my last beer. It’s late and been having; Breznak from The Czech Republic (5.1 %). And even some Blu-ribben, true American funk.

So this is supposed to be perhaps the best post-apocalyptic movie ever made and well, it’s at least verry worthwhile. Right now im more intersting in eating my snacks and finishing of my last beer, YEAH… Breznak! Listening to a Jamie Walters album right now from 2002 , but i think i’ll be switching over to some Pouges. Ehm, this dude in New Zealand is left apparently as the last man on earth and is on the never-ending hunt for other humans to heng out with (YO-YO!!). Been wanting to check out ‘Quiet Earth’ for years and now i finaly gotten down to see it on dvd from Scandinavia’s verry own; Another-World-Entertainment. My personal opinion on this much loved cult-classic is that it’s really slow-paced, dreamy and atmospheric-with some really cool post-apocalyptic scenery that fits under the nerdy category of ‘devastated citys’- when it comes to post-apocalypseism. Our main man, wakes up one day and everyone is gone and the world as we know it is completly empty and moved on. He now has everyting for him self when it comes to equipment, supplies, houses and mansions, freedom…AND alcohol. Kinda sounds like fun, right?? Well, maybe for a few days, perhaps a week-until the loneliness and insainty finaly creeps in and wraps it’s blanket around you. I think there was only three people starring in this movie and there is not alot that is going on either, but it’s never the less a good post-apocalyptic movie with depth, atmosphere and feelings of longing, affection, camaraderi, intense jealousy and rivalry. I think it’s a movie, at least for my sake, that needs to be digested a little-let it sink in some, in order to undertand the greatness of it. A good one, but i was still expecting a little more edge to it-since it’s such a praiced cult-classic and all.