JWD: Psychos in Love (1987)

Ok, i’ll be as honest as…as…as…a rats ass; i dont’ know what to make of this, this…uh, this flick-it out-smarted me.

Im out of beer really and i havent slept for three days, it’s just a struggle i’v always had. Some periods are worse then others though, and im in a bad one right now i guess. I did enjoy my crap-beers (Seidel), but this more or less un-heard of splatter/comedy cought me of guard. You’ve ever seen ‘Bride Of Frank’ (1996)?? Well, this flick is weird in that same kind of way, kinda. Though ‘Frank’ is alooot cooler movie if you ask me. I guess i got a little drunker then what i was planing too. Well, in this amaturish…uh, gem? We team up with two blood-thisty killers (Joe and kate) who finds one and other through splattering murders as well as gett romanticly involved which is the start on a hard to swallow-awkward romantic relationship consisting of deep love for one and other and slashing up people who they have been luring into taken manicure performed by Kate or doing strip-teas at Joe’s bar. Closing of; i thought this was gonna be one hell of a ride, but it turned out to be a whole lot more awkward and lame than what i was hoping for. We got tons of lame and stupid dialog and ‘jokes’ that are seposed to be funny, but it’s just to inside and it didnt appeal much-though i did bust into laughter at least twice; im thinking of the scene with one of the exotic dancers in Joe’s bar, a newbie, who cant’ dance at all to the music and is more consisting of talking about her drama to the horny men in the bar. And talking about music; ‘Psychos In Love’ has the most awkward, out-of-place soundtrack i’v ever experienced, it so bad i cant’ even explain or express it enough-but it seems like all this was is done on purpose, like they were trying to see how stupid their film could possible turn out. And for what it’s worth; be on the look out for one of the guest at Joe’s bar, the korean guy who always walks around in his martial art uniform (one!) Some of the splatter-stuff was wicked and old-school, but this gem didnt’ entertained that much.

«I hate grapes! I can’t stand grapes! I loathe grapes! All kinds of grapes! I hate purple grapes! I hate green grapes! I hate grapes with seeds! I hate grapes without seeds! I hate them peeled and non-peeled! I hate grapes in bunches, one at a time, or in groups of twos and threes! I fucking hate grapes!»

HAHAHAHAHA-gotta laugh at that, though! And what ever you do; do not informe Kate that you think it’s hot outside.