JWD: Mockingbird (2014)

Up for clown tricks?? I am, esspecially when i got Pistonhead- Lagers left and some Razakel after the movie.

This is kinda of an found-footage flick set to be in a seposed-to-be-1995. So i sat back wearing a primitive Juggalo-make up, beer in hand and feeling kinda critical (and kinda claustrofobic_not becouse of the movie). A married couple and a single young woman (ALL THE SINGLE LADIES!!) are receiving a home video camera each, and are forced to play a game while beeing terrorised by some kind of clowns (cult?). I had a problem with liking most of the characters, but the gye in his late thirties in a Melvins shirt-living with his drunken mom made me laugh and relate. I felt this movie was verry simple, fast-paced and kinda nerveless. It’s hard to explain, guess it’s the whole found footage-ish stuff (good luck saying that), who kills it a little, never been a big fan of those kind of movies-it worked in ‘The Blair Witch Project’ though. Well, the Melvins shirt-dude, do get to wear a (badass) clown suit and becomes a part of ‘the game’, which helps makes the movie interesting and all the clown shit and effects is what makes it cool and it all about the clown here-it’s a clown-horror and that’s da shit. All that baloon-shit was creepy and it works. Some of the shit though, like the darkend houses which are lit up by lightning, didnt really work that good and looked more to me like some kids having fun with camera flashes. But the story kept my interested and i found it to be a creepy and kinda uneasy ride, but with an ending that made me rinkle my forehead and scratch my head; either it was to simple or it smarted me out-might as well be the last. Beeing a seposed to be-1995 and stuff, i think it was cool to pretend that the posse who executed the terror in this movie was a gang of rejects finding refuge in the music of ICP and taking the lyrics a little to literary

Im out man, finishing of my last Pistonhead, listening to some Smallz One, and dreaming that she’d follow me to bed…she’d problaby gut me, anyway.. At least a decent one time watch with some charm to it. U a fan of American horror entertainment; see it, it kinda works and im not sorry i checked it out! And just so i dont forget; the wifey is a hottie with a cute butt and even though i didnt’ find most of the characters relatable, i did sympathise with them in the movies most extreme moments.