JWD: Killjoy 3 (2010)

Crankin’ some Smallz One, hottie, and finnishing of my (probably) last beer of the evening; Carlsberg, dude!

I’m a self acclaimed Fullmoon-fan and a fuck up and been enjoying Killjoy-3, really, i have…with some Carlsbergs. I was not very impressed by the two first movies in this series to say the least; they sucked…if u ask me. Luckly i enjoyed this one alot better.

A group of friends have been partying, where one of the (young hot) girls are living free in this cool looking house in favor that she takes care of the house while the house-owner; ‘professor’ is out of town. To bad though; the professor has ‘ordered’ some vengeance from the clown-demon; Killjoy…and kinda forgotten about it. The Killjoy-movies are rated as ‘urban-horror’; like in ‘da hood’, odd, but a kinda interesting way to see the seires as well i guess and i ended up enjoying this one alot really. It does have that large then life and recognizable Full Moon atmosphere-a truly cool tone to it, badass scenery and it even gave off some ‘Nightmare On Elm Street’ vibes. And some early Hellraiser pins, i mean Hellraiser approach, as well. I felt it was a Killjoy movie with alot more depth to it, kinda like they have learnd from the faults of the two first ones. We also get other clown-demons on the team to enjoy this time and they’re really badass looking. The whole setting by the way, makes me wonder a little if the filmakers were inpired by Juggalo-fashion and The Insane Clown Posse.? Yeah, i know about The Killjoy Club, i have become a listener of that group. A cool Full Moon Feature that is verry worthwhile.