Review: What Have They Done to Your Daughters (1974)

Pedophile old bastards, gory murder-scenes and a meat-cleaver chopping, motorbike-riding son-of-a-bitch. Here we go!

dvd“WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO YOUR DAUGHTERS?” (La polizia chiede aiuto)

Director: Massimo Dallamano
Stars: Giovanna Ralli, Claudio Cassinelli, Mario Adorf
Distributor: Shameless
Runtime: 87 mins

“It seems like it was a suicide at first, bur now it’s a clear cut case of murder.”


After a young girl’s suicide turns out to be a murder the police unravel a much bigger case than expected. A prostitution ring of young girls and dirty old men lands on the police investigator and assistant D.A.’s desk. All the while the investigation is going on a black clad, motorbike riding killer tries to stop them.


One of the first hybrids between the popular Italian crime and thriller genre. Following his fantastic “What have You done to Solange?” Dallamano is back thematically. Liked the previous much better, but he still got his flair and a good plot. Even though the solving of the mystery was a bit bleak, the characters was interesting and well played out. Good chase scenes involving the black clad murderer and a cool Cipriani-soundtrack. All in all a fine entry to both genres.