JWD: Wedlock (1991)

So it was friday night again and i sat six cans of beer on my fucking table and been thinking about Rutger Hauer all week at work!

So weekends here and i wanted some dated futuritic/post-apocalyptic stuff to my cheap crap beer, you know! Well, it’s not so much of that futuristic business, except that ‘blow your head off-column’ all the inmates are wearing. All right, Rutgher Hauer is always charming and badass and the one-liners works. Though after the look on the trailer; it seemed like a gritty futuristic thriller, but it had a whole lot more of that comical approach than I¬†was expecting and it actually worked_it made me laugh through out the gem, but it kinda lost it’s core, you know. Danny Trejo has a very smal part in it, 60 seconds or so, with his stereotypical apperance ….only about 25 years younger…and that’s cool! Eventualy the whole setting got a little to thin and awkward, and it was hard for me to enjoy it and it gave me non of that futuristic feeling. I find it to be an ok one time cheese-watch.