JWD: Turbo Kid (2015)

I mean, dude; how can a movie be as dope, no; lets say cool. How can a movie be as cool as this one, dude!?

Is it possible!? Yes, if the movie is named ‘Turbo Kid’, it is! So, sittin’ her again, buddie-less, yeah i got a familie, but that’s all i got, and a full time job (thankfully)-having my last beer (Harnas 6%, polish- last beer of the evening) listening to some damn badass music; Razakle!! And im gonna use one my least favorit words, which is; well. Well, i was born in 83 and watched all the cool cartoons, well fuck that, lets try to get the fucking buisness done, but im getting so drunk here, dude. Little did i know that the whole soundtrack whould consist of ‘NewWaveRetro’ synt music and that it has all the cliches that a post-apocalyptic geek whould get a boner about. Well now i put on some of that real music instead, you know. Having another swing of that can, you know. Youre’ my bud right!? DAVID HASSELHOFF!! He can be my dad, if he wants to! The splatter side of this gem reminded my alot of japanese splatter movies and it makes me think about my old working bud; Jan; ‘Laksefor fabrikken’. This flick has all the stuff an 80’s nostalgic-post apocalyptic wastland-geek would drool over. It’s cute and did i so fall in love with ‘Apple’, you know. I love hot intense cute girls like, that you know. They are a spesial brand-they are cyborgs, while us men like that are rape & revenge dudes…like David Hess. Oh, we men ar soooo evil. I so fucking hate feminism!! Im punk! This is just the greatest, dude. And with a Brithish sounding Indiana Jones and kinda spaghetti western -like sidekick; how could this go wrong, pal-y,O! I got no more words left, just; throw in beers and beers and watch cool movies and cartoons.