JWD: Shotgun (1989)

Nha, not ‘Hobo With A Shotgun’…just…’Shotgun’.

Damn, we where so shitfaced last night when we put on ‘Shotgun’ on dvd. And my bud, Espen and i kept talking and talking and stuff. Now i’v just seen. ‘Micky’ on VHS and im getting there, if u know what i mean. Just poped a top and listening to ‘Thunderdome’ actutally (on youtube, though). So what do i remember from ‘Shotgun’ last night? Well, to my knowledge it’s a seldom heard about ‘so bad-it’s good movie’, i never hear anybody mentioning this gem-in the same style as the ‘Miami Connection’ and ‘Samurai Cop’. It was actually a very entertaining «buddy-cop» cheese-fest, no shit! I remember a sado-dude with a leather-mask and everything and a couple of hores being killed off and terrible laugable acting and our overloaded with cheese characters_black & white cops who are personally involved is the case. And the white dude is our main man of cours, he’s our Mel Gibson and we are supposed to the feel realations with that bearded ponytale and he is supposed to be the handsome badass gye…HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Well, we both liked it, it was really cool really, thats all i remember and gloomy urban locations.