JWD: Maniac Cop (1988)

Finally seen ‘Maniac Cop’.

A different kinda slasher, set in the streets of New York and (almost) no kids is the killers target this time. We have a maniac cop on our hands and a drunken reviewer. Yes, i know i only had «easy beers» (2,4 %) tonight, cant drink much these times right now, but they went straight to my head and i feel fucking exausted. It’s about 00.45 am and i need to get my ass to bed. I wonder if dad-in-law is sleeping right now. What do you gyes think. I really loved the tone of this cult-classic; nighty, gloomy and urban and New York is perfect for this story. Bruce Campbel has a pretty big part in it, which is cool, yeah he fits, he’s always bad-ass-if you ask a cult and b-movie geek. The bodycount is high and violenent, the soundtrack is suitable, i cared for the characters-though the acting is often cheesy or toung-in-cheekish, which makes me wonder a little if it is seposed to be that way or if the actors should have tried a little harder. Even though the acting is far from the the worst i’v experinced on screen, it is bareable, it’s a badass movie-an urban hard hitting horror movie. Be on the look out for a Laureen Landon, as an extremly hot undercover cop. Oh… and Richard Roundtree (Shaft) also has a part in here, angry police chief or somthing. And Tom Atkins; an actor i dont know to much about, but i’v heard it’s some really cool shit! It’s also worth mentioning that the late Robert Z’Dar, Rest In Peace, is the maniac cop. You all have good one now and bmania loves u!

And shit, of course, i remember where he’s from! I remember Tom Atkins from our dear epic ‘Halloween 3: Season Of The Witch’.