JWD: Manborg (2011)


Uh, hell has broken open and released hell upon earth and stuff. Manborg, a previous soldier against hell, was one of the last humans to fight back against hell (yeah..). He’s left for dead, but he’s found by some dude in white and smal sunglasses who makes him into; Manborg (JUST GOT LUCKY-Dokken). This is of course a homage to the 80’s post- apocalyptic/futuristic b-movies and gave of alot of vibes from b-movies and retro gaming…like #1 MAN (mortal combat/bruceploitaion), big hints of ‘Hunger Games’ and of course…what’s his name; Universal; with an on and off British accent (‘I’v never seen so many burgerwrapers in my life-pleace take the garabage of your heard’) and an over all ‘Tron’-scenery and an overkill-hardcore retro kinda stuff. It’s my second viewing of the shit and im just, yeah…wow (and shitfaced), listening to Dokken. Man, im gonna call it a night dude. This is just (awkward) awesomeness. Ok, what it reminded me about; Mad Max, Retro-gaming, Robo-cop, Mortal Combat/Bruceploitaion, beer, Rutger Hauer, and other stuff i guess. Call it a night? See ya later dudes!! And for the record; it’s wierd and sad really to see that this parody allready’s getting kinda dated. But overall; pointless b-movie fun and lots and lots of laughs!

Bang your heads (trying out Quiet Riot for the first time).