JWD: Maid in Sweden (1971)

A Cannon Group movie, actually.

The debute movie of the most yummy girl ever in the exploitation-movie universe. No, the must yummy girl in the entire universe; Christina Lindberg. It’s a sexploitation/drama about Inga (Lindberg), age 16, who travels from to the big city (Stockholm) to visit her big sister. Inga is verry innocent, though oh so hot, delicuious and irresistable. You just have to have her, belive you me! She’s like that large cold glass of beer when you are oh so extremly thirsty, you know. Inga kinda stuggles to stay innocent, which is expected by her parents back in the countryside and her big sister (who is kinda living a sort of excessive life her self). The life-style that her bigger sister and her boyfriend promote kinda makes it hard to stay innocent, escpecially when the couple hooks her up with older gyes and dress her up like a slut, while trying to keep her nice-like some catholic girl. The acting is both kinda lame, while still some of it isnt’ that bad and i liked the soundtrack; raw 60’s pop-music. If i only could have had Christina Lindberg, she’s too hot, yo, i would have been the most jouless tired, drunken, slowly fading welder in his thirties around. Was drinking swedish folk├┤l 2,8% (Falcon), while watching the movie and listening to the album ‘The Sexorcist’ by Necro while writing this ‘review’ what else, what fucking else! Who’s your daddy!!