JWD: Last House on the Left (1972)

This infamous cult-classics and debut long-feature film by our dear Wes Craven_R.I.P, (‘father of Freddy Kruger’), is still being praiced by horror and exploitation fans alike to this day.

The other day i decided to beer_re-visit it for the third or fourth time. One question; am i the only one that dears to say that ‘Last House On The Left’ is extremely dated by now? First i wanna point out the horrible wooden and cheesy acting, which is my main problem with ‘Last House On The Left’…and the plot. The story is really good, but the plot becomes a little to simple for the movie, trying a little to hard to be serious. There are also attempts on some comic relief that might have worked (over) forty years ago and a political message as well; cops are stupid. And another thing, before im geting to what i actually like about it; When the escaped sickos’ need refuge for the night, all of the sudden they have nice respectable clothes and nice hairdos…just like that: POW!!

Now, what it’s really good for; it’s fucking authentic, it feels fucking real and stuff-like this is actually happening out there_right now probably. With ‘stuff like this’ i mean, young naive girls and all kinds of people really, being raped, humiliated, tortured and killed_like in this case; not far from the civilisation, actully just a good stonethrow from the freeway (which we hear in the background). Along side with the happy unknowingly (jolly) contrast with ‘Mari’s’ parents_getting ready for her 17’th birthday party, it’s hard to watch. The gore and blood-buissnes are good and what’s ‘gooder’ is the classic appearence by everbodys favorit sleazbag; David Hess (R.I.P), who portraits the rapist and spree-killer; ‘Krug’. A character he portraits in other exploitation movies in the sub-genre of ‘Rape&Revenge’ movies like; ‘Hich-Hike’ (1977), with Franco Nero and ‘House At The Edge Of The Park’ (1980). He’s not named ‘Kruge’ in those movies but the character is the same (one cant help but love that scum). Im out of beer, so im just out of words as well.