JWD: Hard Ticket to Hawaii (1987)

Where do i begin??

Uh, these two chicks with a (kinda Wendy O’ Williams-girlpower) attitude, eh, works as some special agents or somthing and get’s a hard ticket to a Hawai, i guess, cos’ it’s not always a paradise or somthing. They are to stop some drug-shit, but it’s really about some kinda diamonds-stuff, really. Excuse me; listening to some hardcore-techno stuff, but changing it to the first Plasmatic record (1980). Still have a little more of my last beer left. Gave my last one to my girlfriend; or practically my wife. Hmm…what more about this baby!? And yeah; mixed up in all of this, it’s nice to get some awkward help from a ‘Bold And The Beautiful’- star and an 80’s kickboxing champion. And the snake, dude, which has ratt-infected venom and made out of plastic; just put it my bed, our bed, with cum stains all over the sheets. I’ld just throw it the fuck away, fucking rubber thing! Damn, i know im just supposed to write you a review, but all i can think about is how it would be like making love to the late Wendy O’ Williams; her skinny bony body, her sweat, her breath, her she-wolfness, her manliness. Damn she really gives me that lovesick-blues tonight. But anyway…my concret shoes; this movie i rank in my top «so bad-they’re-good-movies» like; ‘An American Hippie In Israel’, ‘Samurai Cop’, ‘Miami Connection’ and even ‘American Ninja’. Ok, im fucking out friends. Keep it fucking PUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or what ever makes u feel good deep inside!!