JWD: 2035: Forbidden Dimensions (2014)

‘ManBorg’ and ‘Turbokid’ has an opponent with this retro-ish post apocalyptic gem, that turned out to entertain the shit out of me.

So…what do i remember from my last (beer-soaked) movie night…HEEEEY, let’s see! Our main dude; Jack Slade is from 1998, and for some reason he has the ability to time-travle to the post apocalyptic wasteland-year of 2035 (it was revealed why he was chosen or something, but the drunkness eventually got the best of me so that part i can’t really remember).

In this post-apocalyptic age he’s a nomad, some kind of detective or agent and meets/deals with a bunch mad parodic overplayed scientists and steriotypical raiders, mutants that looks cheap put-toghter. I suspected it to be an Asylum flick, it was not, but it did have that (often) charming, cheap Asylum-ish tone to it. Speaking of tone; I could clearly see that this was old-school inspired and it managed to give of some very 90’s vibes or tone or whatever. The electronica music that was playing was very cool as well and contributed to the feel of it. It’s a cheese-fest and works well with the awkwardness and humoristic undertones. And i do believe it was made in the wake of the then up and coming new movie; ‘Mad Max: Fury Road. Jack Slade and some women-wastland warriors are after some evil tyrant-dude but how it all ende i cant’ really remember, fell asleep. Having a coldy right now as well; Whitstable Bay-Organic ale, SKÅL!!