Review: Death Walks on High Heels (1971)

I’m really in a good Giallo mood, I mean I watch them with a sleazy little smile, I read about them whilst having a shit, I’m fuckin’ dreaming about them with a twisted grin on my face. And my postman delivered this little delight. My life is fulfilled.

blu“DEATH WALKS ON HIGH HEELS” (La morte cammina con i tacchi alti)

Director: Luciano Ercoli
Stars: Frank Wolff, Susan Scott, Simon Andreu
Distributor: Arrow
Runtime: 108 mins

“Tell me where the diamonds are and I’ll leave without touching you.”


An exotic dancer, Nicole(Susan Scott aka Nieves Navarro) gets stalked by a black-clad killer with weird eyes. He killed her father for some stolen jewelry, but realise that the daughter has it. Nicole thinks her drunken lover is the murderer and flee Paris to travel to a coastal English village with an admirer. But death stalks her everywhere…


A great, but uneven Giallo from a great director. Nieves Navarro shines in her role. Halfway there’s a huge twist that changes the pace a bit. And maybe too many new characters makes this a bit clumsy. I figured out the killer early on. Even so, I was highly entertained.


Arrow put out yet another goodlooking box of Italian Gialli. The quality is great, and there’s so much nice extras too fill your depraved mind with, detailed b-movie greatness and unnecessities.