JWD: Splatter Farm (1987)

Old Mcdonald had a farm Ei Ei-Oach!

How do i possible describe (drunkenly) a movie as unique as this one?

This is the first full lenght film by the Palonia brothers who are a set of twins and amature film-makers who where seventeen years of age at time they shot this super obscure cult-film relesed on dvd by the god-like Camp Motion Pictures in 2007 and it’s strictley shot-on-video. You see? As low budget as you can possibly get…more or less home made.

The two twins Joseph and Alan (the Palonia brothers), travels to the country to visit their aunt Lacey for their summer vecation and from early on; weird and cheesy shit is starting to happen. The ‘farm-boy’ is a blood splattering sicko-fuck and Aunt Lacey is old and horny and holds a terrible secret. It’s a very charming ride and the simple eerie soundtrack works well, pretty good editing really and the special effects as well is, yes-fake as FUCK, but actually really cool and enjoyable. The acting; well, that’s kinda tricky, cos’ it’s a little hard to see if the ‘actors’ suck as much ass as it appears, or if it’s seposed to have that kind of cheesy comical approach. But fuck it, dosnt’ matter. It’ a wild ride, unlike anything you probably has ever seen…if u never watched some Shot-On-Video stuff, that is. Have some beers and travle out to Splatter Farm your self.

In Loving memory of John Polonia.