JWD: Messiah of Evil (1973)

Wazz up bro’s n hoe’s!! What will we get out of this?

Uh, this ultra hot brunette, light brunette-that i would like to have dirty sex with for hours; travels to this small coast-town in the states…i reckon, (guess we’re not in Canada) to look for her painting father. But what she ends up finding are cool cinematography, a cool moody soundtrack, a hundered year old legend/some kinda zombie_cult, strange new friends (including a verry immature girl around 23, 24, i would reckon, that is always jealous and acting like a spoiled teenager_i would like to spend a weekend or so with her in a sleazy motel with booze, maybe some weed and some good music and alot of hardcore sex. But at the end of the day im just a tired, often-drinkin’, a little fucked in the head, hard working familie gye at 32_with a busy average life and stuff going on around the house, which i often dont enjoy, cos’ im really a day-dreaming chill-out misfit kinda gye and this flick kinda had that atmosphere). But man, what a stupid story. Good gore though (or may i say blood) for being a movie this old. This is an oldschool (weird) zombie flick, u missed out on-a strangled, buried and quickly forgotten about tharsh-movie that has it’s (rotten) charm. You know; zombies…rotten.. Get it!? Oh boy, and that male gye, who thinks he’s macho with those sissy outfits of his, didnt really like him. Shouldnt’ try to push me around. I would take his girls.