JWD: Messenger of Death (1988)

Man, got to drunk again, which is wierd; cos’ i’v been drinking through out my whole vecation (and it’s almost over). I only had five or six Blue- Ribbon’s for the first time and they are fucking great, really nice beers!

I was really caught of gard with this one; a Cannon-Group film starring Charles Bronson. It wasnt’ really cheesy at all, only a little dated i guess. And it wasnt’ just a Ā«senslessĀ» action movie; it was a well produced and convincing action/thriller with a nice 80’s soundtrack, breathless Colorado nature shots and it is verry well acted by everyone involved-must be one of the best parts i’v ever seen Charles Bronson deliver. Bronson playes this reporter who gets this case on a horribel massacre up in the mormon country of Colorado. He goes in to the town and kinda gets to know this small split comunity with an extrem terror-like christain-view. But could the motive for this discusting massacre (including children) be motivated by something else? This cannon flick is a really cool one and i highly recomand it, first and foremost for the Bronson-fans (like yours truley), but also for old school action fans in general or for people how wanna know what the manliest man to have ever walked the earth looks like.