JWD: Island of Death (1976)

This should be a euro-sleazers wet dream; loaded with horrible murders and torture, sex, deprave and pure disgusting filth, where nobody really wins.

A british couple travles to the charming island of Mykonos; honymoon or some kinda love-trip. The little blond babe (Celia) is a tempting hottie with a great set of tits and a delicious ass-the kind of ass you just want suck on, you know. What struck me first was; will the english dude, Christopher, be able to protect his woman against all the hungry eyes belonging to the men on this island and the sleaze who you just feel can start every second. The story takes a sudden turn when Celia is not in the mood and that Christopher dude suddenly goes out and fucks a baby-goat and decides to slice it’s throath; then we learn what kind of people Celia and Christopher really are and let the sleaze-mayhem killing spree begin! Seems to me like this minor cult-classic is getting more known to the audience and gets a bigger fan-base for each passing year…just like gg Allin.

A surreal and post-hippie-ish sleaze-fest to get drunk to and i enjoyed the ride, though i wasnt’ as blown away as my partner in bed, uh…i mean partner in crime, Martin-which is the other dark half of this page.

But!! We cant’ really leave this ‘review’ with out mentioning the soundtrack, which also sounds and is verry post-hippie-ish. The title song is atmospheric and nice and has been covered by punk groups as well as bluegrass bands and it has at least one grindcore version (!)